Some disturbing things are apparently going on in the village almost every week fly tipping is happening in the village What are the Police doing about it? ‘I hear you say NOTHING as usual? also the council have ‘allegedly‘ drove past these piles of unwanted household remains several times without picking up this eyesore fly tipping so it just remains on our streets ‘WHAT DO WE PAY OUR RATES FOR? Can Someone Please Sort Out the Fly Tipping that is spoiling our village(you can bet if it was in Hebden Bridge it would be cleaned up)?
Update 26/08/2021 So finally the chair has gone off the streets of Bailiff Bridge Thank you all who has supported this issue with the chair but please don’t stop now we need your help & support in improving Bailiff Bridge?

The above is just a sample of what our village has become Who Cares ‘I Care’ Do You?
This is just a sample of Victoria Road with Litter, Weeds & Fly Tipping with all this rubbish on our streets there is no wonder fly tippers are dumping on our streets, also while the council may be doing a good job of the Memorial Park do the need to have two trucks standing on the street for hours on end would it hurt them to remove the weeds and rubbish from the surrounding streets along with any Fly Tipping (as both trucks have tail lifts it would only take a few minutes to put the Seat in the truck) so if anybody came to the Memorial Garden at least they would not be faced with Weeds, Rubbish & Fly Tipping on the streets of Bailiff Bridge. Update The word is some of the Memorial Garden has been trashed and damage to plants, etc. Don’t they know what this garden represents for the hundreds of Bailiff Bridge & Heckmondwyke T.F. Firths workers who lost their life’s in the Wars. Please Show Some Respect for these Old & Young Soldiers,

Also it has been brought to our notice that some Alleged person or persons have been Allegedly stealing large quantities of stone from the village stream which is covered by a law that prohibits removal of anything from our streams and waterways Without Written Authority from the Environment Agency and any person taking such items (several tons according to people) can face a fine of £100,000.00 as this is stealing from the Environment Agency and the British Government as well as having untold damage on our village wildlife and the stream is now smelling like a local sewerage plant not the local quaint Beck of Old?
Apparently the Police & the Council have been informed and allegedly have declined to take any action? Update on the above Richard from Calderdale Council has been down to the stream today 17/08/2021 Well done that man lets hope Richard can sort it out and take action against anyone found to be responsible for devastating the village Beck, I will keep you all informed? Update 30/08/2021 Latest Update Well the Chair has finally been moved and I have seen someone spraying some of the weeds although there still seems some weeds that have not been sprayed or even better would have been to  remove them? although there is still a lot of general litter around the village, a bit of something is maybe better than nothing, maybe we should all make an effort to pay a bit of our rates? Although Rome wasn’t built in a day or was it? Please let us have your views and points on anything relating to your village. 


Attention All Bailiff Bridge Residents:- Please help put a stop to the proposed plans to take away our villages last remaining Green open land for the residents to enjoy, play, walk our dogs and other outdoor activities.

Your Local Calderdale Councillors and your elected party representatives do not seem to take in the residents view and needs for us to have these open unspoilt spaces to help relieve the pressures of most of us, especially in these unprecedented times, we need these spaces more than ever? YOU! Need to remind these so called representatives of our village area ‘who votes for them and why we vote for them’? It’s not for them to give our right of green spaces to a village on the other side of town. Increase the Yob, Litter and antisocial activities that this will no doubt bring to our village.

The Whole Country is struggling to cope with the effects of needing somewhere to go just to breathe open fresh air without been overpowered with toxic fumes with enough space to keep a safe distance, along with been able to watch the wildlife in this area that is only now returning to some sort of acceptable level so we can enjoy and help educate our children to this unspoilt area of OUR village without the need of another village trying to build a monstrosity of a development on our last remaining village space.

Why don’t they build it in their own village? NIMBY ‘NOT IN MY BACK YARD’ springs to mind they have already done a deal with the council to use our only remaining open two fields in the name of children’s football, while most people would agree that the children’s needs, need to be addressed, are you sure that we need every spare piece of land in every Brighouse Village to be taken over by these football fields that restrict if not prohibit the villages from the activities they not only would like to do but need to do along with all the other forms of sport excluding football that many villagers would love to be involved with especially some people with special needs or other restrictive conditions, where these fields would go a long way to solving many of these people’s needs without the need for boozy unsociable people spoiling our village.  


Please Talk to your overpaid MPs now and ensure if they don’t help the village we will vote for someone who will help us?

There is also a another very special reason why we and the council can never ever let this land to be developed on is our ‘wildlife’ which was almost totally lost following the demolition of the mills along with the massive building program that followed and if it hadn’t been for this area of green land the village would now be void of many of endangered species that live in this area including Rare and vital Micro Organs, Crustaceans which are vital in building a sustainable wildlife which includes Crested Newts (these have been verified) it is also a vital flight path for our Bat population this again has been verified several times, along with dozens of other rare creatures.

Unfortunately due to my failing heath I am unable to take an active role in this campaign this time, but if you value YOUR VILLAGE and YOUR HOME you MUST STOP this now, Please Please form a small group of people to act as the village representatives without falling out and without one person taking over? Please Please get on to the Council our MPs and other bodies that can help, but WE must win this for the good of the village and the good of the Community, then we may also get our land back off Clifton Rangers and the Community Centre that was taken out of our control after the villagers tirelessly raised funds for this centre?

Please form a group. I don’t know how to do it but I guess you need someone who is good on social media to help you? Then spread the word by door knocking, flyers, etc. GOOD LUCK Brian Stewart.

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Keep Yourself & Others Safe

Bailiff Bridge is currently no different to the rest of the world with Coronavirus dominating the news and with the current lock down, Bailiff Bridge residents are no different, throughout this pandemic we would like to take this opportunity to ask everybody to follow the safe distancing and ‘WHO’ (World Health Organisation ) guide lines, also please respect other peoples safe spaces and privacy, if you know of anybody near you who may not be coping  on their own please bring this to the attention of the local authorities social services or other group who may be able to help.

Only call to see them if they know and trust you as a friend as a call from a stranger in these present times may be distressing for these vulnerable people, but please remember 2M safe spacing distance.

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