The Darker Side of Bailiff Bridge

As you have noticed and which was mentioned before Birkby Lane (some older locals have always called it Birkby Hill) is a very steep hill coming down from the Hightown/Cleckheaton area to the centre of the village bringing large amounts of water, but it also has a Deep and Darker side to its past in the mid 1960s? A Heavy Goods Wagon lost its brakes as it was coming down to the centre of Bailiff Bridge and being out of control crossed over the main Bradford Road and crashed in to the local corner shop. (now a Chicken Take Away).

The former Punch Bowl landlord had just popped out of his pub to buy some milk as the wagon hit the shop killing him and it is thought the wagon driver? (unfortunately my memory is not as good as it used to be so I would be grateful for more details on the tragic accident).

I do remember at the time as some locals had said if the Drinking Fountain had still been there it may have hit this instead of the shop, Birkby Lane now has a ‘Soft Runoff Lane’ built hoping this cannot happen again.

Unfortunately there have also been several other tragic accidents within the village area before and after this accident.