Around Bailiff

Around Bailiff Bridge.

Bailiff Bridge is surrounded on three sides by hills and outside the immediate village is some general mixed small farms especially on the Clifton or Hartsead side of the village although up to post second world war there were at least a dozen small farms within a mile of the village although most have now gone to supply the land for housing, there is also a few remaining open cast quarries in the area although again most went to supply the land for housing and only a couple still remain.

The village has one small combined Junior and Infants School to serve the village although 
older pupils have to travel to the Lightcliffe side of the village for further education. There are now very few general stores in the area although as most small villages it has its share of hot & cold food outlets, a post office, dentist and quite a few service sector companies there is even a Mc Donald’s on the edge of Bailiff Bridge leading to Brighouse which itself is dominated with a large Tesco supermarket and recently Lidl that has change many aspects of both Bailiff Bridge and Brighouse.

North of Bailiff Bridge are several small villages including Wyke, Norwood Green, Odsal and Shelf before reaching the City of Bradford as it sits on the southern side of the Yorkshire Dales leading its way north through Keighley, and the famous Bronte Sisters Village of Haworth, Skipton, Settle and on to the famous Lake District and beyond.

East of Bailiff Bridge are several small farms on the edge of Clifton And Cleckheaton leading through a few small villages before the famous Textile mill town of Dewsbury and through Leeds, Wakefield and York as it makes its way across the North Yorkshire moors to the seaside towns of Bridlington, Scarborough, Whitby and many more.

South of Bailiff Bridge about 1½ miles is Bailiff Bridge’s Parental town Brighouse and on to another famous industrial town Huddersfield then leading further south you pass through the famous Steel City of Sheffield heading south to London or other Southern Towns and Cities.

West of Bailiff Bridge are quite a few small villages and quite a few large council estates before reaching Halifax with its famous old Piece Hall Market and Hebden Bridge before making its way across the Pennines and into Manchester and Lancashire and on to the most famous seaside town in the north of England Blackpool and a bit further south of Blackpool is the home of the Beetles and many more famous people ‘Liverpool’.

Bailiff Bridge is also mid way between Junction 25 & 26 of the M62 only about 2 miles from each junction from where you can take the motorway to almost any point in England, This is one of the main reasons many modern commuting workers choose to live in Bailiff Bridge for the easy access to the motorway network, although you would not think this after queuing for an hour or so just to reach the motorway in the morning when there has been an accident that has blocked the motorway.