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Hi I am calling out for you to help Bailiff Bridge Wildlife? For those of you who can remember the T.F. Firth’s Football Field on the Bradford side of Bailiff Bridge, well some years ago (20-26?) this was developed into the Victoria Chase Development and along with the planning application if I remember correctly part of this planning application, a part of this valuable green area was set aside for the village wildlife along with some trees? Well recently this strip of land has been sold several times and the current owner has devastated the strip of land by chopping down some trees and bushes on this land including an established beautiful Silver Birch tree, and now he wants to chop down two fantastic roadside large trees (that are listed), stopping what these trees are doing what they have done for many years helping the wildlife, Wild Animals & Birds but these great old (100 years) trees also are helping to maintain the balance of nature by helping fight climate changes, saving wildlife and helping to improve our health and wellbeing by fighting off all the nasty’s that this overpopulated world is becoming. We as caretakers of the world have got to do whatever we can while there is still time remaining for us to help save the planet along with our local Wildlife, Plants and even ourselves, we are not asking for something to be done in just another brainless scheme, but in fact we are begging for things not to be done and we just want to keep this vital land and trees as it is for the good of everybody. Please Please help save Bailiff Bridge and the World along with your future generations, please object to this planning application NOW, Go to Calderdale Planning Ref:- PP12775134 Number:- 24/20019/TPO.

Bailiff Bridge Bakery

Now Re-opened Friday & Saturday 7.00am to 1.00pm for Local Award Winning Pork Pies with Super Gravy and Mushy Peas Along with a Drink of your Choice of 6 different Coffees, 10 Different Cans of Pop or our Home Made Tea. ONLY £4.50

The Lost Village Spirit

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Bailiff Bridge and Its Wildlife

Click Here. Bailiff Bridge once had an amazing wildlife, unfortunately with all the upset following the closing and demolition of the mills it devastated the village wildlife.

Memorial Remembrance Garden

The Bailiff Bridge Memorial Garden was built and donated by Firth's to remember those who worked at Firths in Heckmondwick and Bailiff Bridge and went to fight for our country never to return.

The Village Fountain & Drinking Trough

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Bailiff Bridge Floods

Click Here. Did you know that Bailiff Bridge Used to flood in the center you only have to look at the houses and business's and see how high their steps are?

Bailiff Bridge Has Some Great Walks

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Runaway Wagon Killed Villagers

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Once A Mill Dominated Village

Click Here. To find out about this once Carpet Mill dominated by T.F. Firth's Carpet Mill

Bailiff Bridge Railway Station

Click Here. Did you know Bailiff Bridge once had it's own Railway Station with direct trains to London

Bailiff Bridge Mining History

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