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Bailiff Bridge Bargains

Open Thursday/Friday/ Saturday 7.00am to 1.00pm For More Details ********** See News For more things happening in Bailiff Bridge

The Lost Village Spirit

Click Here. To find out about how this once close nit community which at one time had a real community spirit, is now a commuters resting place and nobody talks like they used to.

Bailiff Bridge and Its Wildlife

Click Here. Bailiff Bridge once had an amazing wildlife, unfortunately with all the upset following the closing and demolition of the mills it devastated the village wildlife.

Memorial Remembrance Garden

The Bailiff Bridge Memorial Garden was built and donated by Firth's to remember those who worked at Firths in Heckmondwick and Bailiff Bridge and went to fight for our country never to return.

The Village Fountain & Drinking Trough

Click Here. To find out about this Village Centerpiece

Bailiff Bridge Floods

Click Here. Did you know that Bailiff Bridge Used to flood in the center you only have to look at the houses and business's and see how high their steps are?

Bailiff Bridge Has Some Great Walks

Click Here. To find out about some of the walks around Bailiff Bridge

Runaway Wagon Killed Villagers

Click Here. To find out about this local tragedy that devastated the people of Bailiff Bridge

Once A Mill Dominated Village

Click Here. To find out about this once Carpet Mill dominated by T.F. Firth's Carpet Mill

Bailiff Bridge Railway Station

Click Here. Did you know Bailiff Bridge once had it's own Railway Station with direct trains to London

Bailiff Bridge Mining History

Click Here. Find out about this once Village and it's History as a Mining Village

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