Do You Remember?

Do You Remember the Old Bailiff Bridge?

I would love to hear from anybody who has fond or not so fond memories of Bailiff Bridge, Firths or surrounding area, or if you have any photos or maybe you know someone who could help in obtaining information of Bailiff Bridge?

I would love to hear from former Village Workers & Residents & their Memories?

Please see old photo of Firth’s workers, does anybody remember any of these people or if you lived or worked in the village pre 1960s I would love to hear from you with your memories, stories or pictures? Please See Photos sent by ex Firth workers Jim by his Daughter.

People who lived in the village.

Donald Craig now 80+ remembers living at 27 Lower Crow Nest Drive arriving on the 20 September 1939 as a young boy, he went to Bailiff Bridge Elementary School in 1943 and remembers teachers and pupils from the school and the Sunday school, do you remember Donald or any of these people? Miss Rushworth who married to become Mrs. Feather, Miss Wood, Mrs Jagger, Mrs Reed and Miss Rushworth (niece of the headmistress).sisters who ran the Post Office, Miss Ainsworth and Mrs Sharp who were Sunday School teachers at the Ebenezer, the village policeman Mr Stennet, his daughter Nancy, Philip Holland, Michael Graves, Betty Hendry, Barbara Shackleton,Gordon Denny, Malcolm Crawshaw, Philip Parr, Michael Clare, Marian Clare, June Fricker, Pauline Baldwin, Margaret Nicholson, John Grey, David Glover, Pauline or Jill Waddington.
Donald went on to Hipperholme Grammar School in 1943.

I was also contacted by a lady who now lives in Cornwall and as a child lived in Lightcliffe and used to visit her grandparents who both worked at Firth’s and lived in an old cottage off Wakefield Road above the stream which she thought was a block of four cottages owned by Firth’s’ Anybody got any photos of these cottages?