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2nd August 2017
Do the utility suppliers and councils never talk to each other about what they are going to be doing? Seems not, as not only is parts of Bailiff Bridge cut off to traffic and access to Lightcliffe from the village but just above the Wyke Lion (Red Lion to most locals) there is major road works (A641) with tailbacks reaching beyond Bailiff Bridge, on top of this the A58 approaching Hipperholme they are laying new cables from the Lightcliffe Golf Course on with a line of wagons and diggers restricting the flow of traffic.
You would think they would restrict all these road works happening at the same time around our village? Maybe not?

Nine weeks or chaos hits the village yet again.
Estimated at around nine weeks of bedlam and chaos has hit the village BIG TIME yet again, after weeks of our village roads and causeways been dug up to connect us to the so called fast internet we now have major road closure at the bottom of Wakefield Road from the junction of Victoria Road to the junction of Cornwall Crescent, with the road totally closed to traffic for nine weeks (so they say we can bet this nine weeks will be no doubt be stretched out for a longer period)?
The initial view of the first day of the road closed is not very encouraging with very poor signs especially for the vehicles coming from Brighouse and wanting to turn up towards Lightcliffe, this morning I have seen many motorists coming to the Wakefield road junction and scratching their heads as to where do I go now, I know no amount of signs will ever be enough but the number of cars turning up Wakefield road does lead me to think there is not enough information for the drivers?
I remember when the planning application went in for all these new developments in the village, many people voiced their concern about how the utility services would cope with all the increased volume of use in particular the drainage and sewers, I remember all these so called experts saying that all the servicers were more than adequate to cope with any new developments in and around the village, it now seems we were right to voice our concerns although it did not do a bit of good.
I also have concern about our wildlife that again seem to be in the firing line of this new so called fix, that in effect as the little information I have been able to find out, is that when the sewers and drains cannot cope the overspill will go into the beck adding to more pollution, just at a time when our wildlife are again returning to a levels not seen since the development started, it now seems all the water creatures will be the target for poison toxics in the beck again.
Over the past three or four year it seems a month does not go by without someone digging up some part of Bailiff Bridge, I know from my own experience this is not good for the village and especially no good for the local businesses with all this constant disruption, you would think they could all get together and dig the road up where by all the utility services could use the same hole? Maybe that common sense is too much to ask? Also do you think they should have given out flyers for local businesses to hand out explaining what is going on and how it will effect locals, or even a poster for local businesses to display? Please let us have your thoughts on these issues.

Thanks Brian.
A sad ending to the Famous Bailiff Bridge Carpet Shop ‘Waddington’s Carpets’ Established in 1895 after John Waddington retired a few years ago the business was taken over by Garry and his family but sadly due to circumstances outside Garry’s control the shop closed.

A ‘NEW’ Beginning, the carpet shop has now re-opened under the Famous
Dixon & Franks name, it’s great news that once again Bailiff Bridge can now continue with its links to carpets, we wish them the best of luck, why not call in to see what they can offer?

25/05/2017 Hope you are making the most of the hot dry weather Bank Holiday all may change? the wildlife and especially the birds have been going mad bringing on their broods many have fledged several weeks ago and some especially our Blackbirds look like they are already contemplating having a second sitting after losing their first batch to the nasty Magpie.
Most of the ducks have had their first chicks even as I write this a duck has brought its first young ducklings this morning a brood of 7 chicks, The resident Blue Tits at the shop have fledged a long time ago although they are still around, the Dippers, Grey Wagtails, and the Beautiful Kingfisher are very active along with the resident Black Birds and Wrens which sing all day long especially if the sun is shining. Reports of young deer and a host of other wildlife have been reported, also this year there has been many reports of Hedgehogs in the village? ( I have been very busy over the last few weeks making several Hedgehog Houses for customers) early reports so far have shown at least two of these are now resident homes to our depleting Hedgehog population so let’s hope these wonderful little creatures are coming back in the numbers we used to see several years ago.
The Beck has been very low for a while now but I can report despite the low water line in the Beck the small water born life is thriving and the water quality is extremely good.
Despite struggling with the plants last year and deciding that I would have to call it a day for growing and selling bedding plants, an overwhelming number of you have persuaded me to once again to sell a few plants at the shop along with a few homemade planters,having said that the smell and colours are as ever a joy to have around the shop especially with the constant pollen collecting Bees and Butterflies also an array of other flying insects along with the bonus of you buying these beautiful plants and enjoying them in your own home.
Unfortunately nobody seems to pass on news about events and other things going on in the village? If you are contemplating holding an event which is non-profit making and may be of interest to the people of Bailiff Bridge please let me know and I will include if suitable, profit events and advertising can be included on the website for a small fee please enquire.

Hi does anybody remember Donald Craig?
I have received an interesting e-mail from Donald who now lives in Liverpool (somebody has to live there) here in the black ink is part of his e-mail.
Donald now 80 years young and remembering Bailiff Bridge and some of the former people of the village along with some who may have been friends of Donald?

My parents brought their very young family to live at Lower Crow Nest Drive on 20 September 1939.My father had just got a job as a shop manager in Southgate, Halifax.My first school was Bailiff Bridge Elementary School.There was a headmaster whose name I have temporarily forgotten until about 1943.He was succeeded by Miss Rushworth who married to become Mrs. Feather.My teachers, I remember them all well, were Miss Wood, Mrs Jagger, Mrs Reed and Miss Rushworth (niece of the headmistress).In 1946 I started my grammar school life at Hipperholme. In 1947, after a group of us had trekked our way to school through very deep snowdrifts, we were told off for being late by Mr Houseman, the Head Master.I don’t think I have ever been late for anything since!The people I remember most in the village were the Ormerod sisters who ran the Post Office, Miss Ainsworth and Mrs Sharp who were Sunday School teachers at the Ebenezer, the village policeman Mr Stennet – his daughter Nancy was in the same class as me at school.I also remember classmates Philip Holland, Michael Graves, Betty Hendry, Barbara Shackleton,Gordon Denny, Malcolm Crawshaw, Philip Parr, Michael Clare, Marian Clare, June Fricker, Pauline Baldwin, Margaret Nicholson, John Grey, David Glover and others.One of the Waddington children was also in my class but I am not sure if her name was Pauline or Jill.It might even have been another name but I do remember going up into the loft in the courtyard you mention in one of your articles.Then there were the Belgian soldiers.I remained in contact with one until he died a few years ago in Antwerp.
If you remember Donald or would like to comment on some of these people please contact me at the shop or e-mail: brian.mob@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you for all who have contacted me saying they liked the funny links well here is a couple more, imagine how about catching the Bailiff Bridge train to London with a limited number of seats?
Click Here or Bailiff Bridge Cross Roads with locals coming to the village to get their Loyalty Cards stamped? Click Here.


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