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Bailiff Bridge Fountain.

About Bailiff Bridge

Bailiff Bridge Fountain.

Bailiff Bridge’s Fountain and Horse Drinking Trough was donated by Lady Janet Firth in 1911 for the people of Bailiff Bridge and was proudly sited opposite Firth’s Clifton House in the centre of Wakefield Road outside the Punch Bowl Hotel where they could see it from their office windows. In later years it was blamed for the increasing number of accidents at this busy crossroad as it was said to obstruct the view for drivers.

I have heard reports from some of the people in the village that it was originally lowered then moved slightly before it was eventually removed altogether in 1962 and tipped in a local Council yard at nearby Norwood Green. Sadly the removal of this great fountain didn’t have any effect on the number of accidents at this busy crossroads and still today despite the crossroads now having traffic lights the accidents keep occurring more and more often. (if only the fountain had been saved or was still there today)?

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